My Sister finds ME!

18 Feb

In March last year my adoptive father died. In December we found out he had 3 months to live, by the beginning of March he was gone. I was completely traumatized. I remember going home after identifying his body and being overwhelmed not only by his passing, but by the fact that I was again an orphan! I was mad as hell. My favourite occupation at times like these would be to God bash! So in the early hours of the morning I had it out with God, the universe and all their pet parrots.
I ended my tirade by saying that I had spent a lifetime dealing with the adoptives, and searching desperately for my mother and I couldn’t take it anymore. I yelled that if I was meant to meet them, then He/She/them could just damn well bring them to me! That was March 2013, by June I received an email from my sister…

I had no way of knowing that my sister – We’ll call her Stretch, had known about me for 20 years. She had tried to find me but had no luck.

Last year her daughter ‘The Doc’, was doing a geaneogram for a Varsity project. She had gone online searching on the family name and low and behold, there was a notice that I had posted 12 years previously! In the notice I had put my mothers’name, my birth name, my sisters name and as much info as I had at the time. The Doc and Stretch then started googling my name and came across a reference on the Linkedin site.
This is where it gets really interesting. I had been invited to the site 2 years previously by the administrator of my daughters’ creche. I NEVER accept these things, but somehow, for reasons unknown, I did. Fortunately, and bless her cotton socks for doing so, she had entered the name of the company I work for.
Now the interesting thing was that apart from accepting the invite, I had never been on the site, and a week before Stretch & The Doc hooked up with me, I was going to delete it, because they kept on sending me updates and it was starting to irritate me. Somehow I got too busy to delete it.
They then sent an email to my work at about 8 or 9pm that night which was read by the Boss Lady. Knowing a bit about my life, she immediately forwarded it to me. I cannot even begin to describe the shock! Not only had they actually found me, but the fact that they even knew of my existence blew me away! I thought it was some sick karmic joke and terrified witless I sent a short reply basically asking if she was my sister.
When she replied in the affirmative I cried like a baby…and so began the journey, with a brand new sister AND a brand new niece and nephew.
I had to tell God to stop laughing that night, he was giving me a damn headache…


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2 responses to “My Sister finds ME!

  1. Mark Whelan

    February 19, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    so, you see, god does have a sense of humour. after all, where do you think you got it in the first place.

  2. Susan Donald

    February 18, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    What a story, Beth and it would give joy to others who have been in your situation themselves and oh God I am jealous of the way you can write, truly gifted


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