Authenticity is NOT an Add-On!

04 Mar

Authentically Weird

Authentically Weird

I came into this world bursting with questions.

They were mostly those awkward adoptee questions like who am I really, where do I come from and who the hell are you freaks that have taken it upon yourselves to adopt me?

These were closely followed by my Godly Godlington questions such as: where are you, what do you look like and what the heck is the crucifixion business about anyway?

Of course very few of these could be answered. This proved to be problematic for a young and fairly troubled mind. Eventually as life began to demand more from me, I began to demand less from it, until I reached a point where I no longer questioned anything. I lived blindly and without any sort of credible consciousness.

After a few decades of foolishness and blind stumbling I again began to feel the need to exact answers from
the Universe. My questions were back to the basics all over again: what is the meaning of life, what is my purpose, what have I done to deserve this horrid life and is God’s middle name really Bob?

I had spent so long learning and re-learning life lessons but still somehow had done everything possible to remain blissfully ignorant of my talents and purpose, I had lived my life with blinders on.

There came a time in my late twenties when the questioning again began and I thought I was finally making a little headway. I toiled through the tunnel of wisdom and knowledge, only to emerge at the other end as dumb as when I entered!


Wisom and knowledge are tricky things to be given. Suddenly your understanding expands and you lose most of your excuse base. Every horrific though word and deed is immediately highlighted with understanding and no amount of excuse-making covers your mis-deeds.
For the last twenty years I have had abundant opportunities to learn about life. I understood all that I was taught, and in turn I taught whatever I had learnt, but somehow my life was still a rollercoaster ride. It took a decade and another bouncing baby to finally understand what I had been missing – myself!

All the soul searching and questioning and I had missed the most important question of all –


We are raised, with the best intentions, to look outside of ourselves for everything. Beauty is attached to the outside of our faces, intelligence is attached to achievements and spirituality is attached to formal religions which in turn are attached to God, who is…..well where the hell are you anyway Bob?

A good life requires balance. there’s no point in understanding the universe if you don’t understand yourself.
There’s no point trying to love a God you cannot see, if you don’t love yourself who you see every day.
They’re all linked. Wisdom and Knowledge and Love in fact, are useless without the strength to follow through.

You have to know what you think and feel about everything. If you don’t then you will be tossed around by every con artist, religious fanatic and deadbeat boyfriend. If you don’t take the time to figure out what works for you, then you may as well wear a slave bell because the world will own you.

Start simply, asking simple questions like:
What food do I really like?
What is my favourite colour?
Will my mother REALLY die if I don’t marry a doctor?
These are just the warming up questions. From there you’ll discover a world of questions with quite often the most suprising answers.

Our opinions of ourselves are so often based on the opinions of others. It’s through this blindness that we make decisions regarding marriage, life, children and spirit. Little wonder the world is running confused.

Discovering yourself is a life-long process but as you go along each new finding will elevate your life and enable you to take control over the areas that have become murky and useless.

Once you have a basic understanding of what you feel, THEN hit enter for the add-ons.
Your spirituality, physicality, sexuality and every other ‘ity’ you can think of will be brought into your life in a way that will bless and please you.
You will experience change, sometimes at the beginning, sometimes all the way through, but it will be through an active choice that you have made.
You will no longer be a clueless donkey being led by the nose.

Authenticity is not a fad, it’s a necessity!
Find yourself, re-create yourself if necessary, and breathe the freedom that it brings.

Go ahead, I dare you!


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4 responses to “Authenticity is NOT an Add-On!

  1. Mark Whelan

    March 5, 2013 at 10:44 am

    ” Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all ” – george benson

  2. Debs

    March 5, 2013 at 8:14 am

    So true. How can we make any decisions in life whether they be little one’s or life changing one’s, if we don’t know ourselves? How wonderful to know this now and for us to be able to pass it on to our girls. Often people remark that they wished they had known then, what they know now, but I sometimes wonder about the time-frame of that realisation? Do we not, in fact, realise it at the right time, having had to go through certain emotions which were necessary for our spiritual growth, forcing us to not quite be able to seperate the wheat from the chaff, at that particular time? We are forever students, albeit a bit wiser as time passes. You’re a special lady Beth. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Susan Donald

    March 4, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    You are so amazing. And bloody right But you know it’s being honest with yourself that hurts and every time I go there I am 10 years old and my parents marriage is collapsing and so do I…..Keep writing – there’s a book or two, film script and your future ahead! Xxx Sent from my iPad

  4. Karen Lancaster

    March 4, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    Thank you, a huge thank you Beth, Love Karen


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