Choosing to Choose

31 Mar

Choose your TruthI wrote this a few years ago for my eldest daughter when she was facing terrible trials. Understanding the importance of choice is applicable to us all,

understanding the ability to choose is more so.


There are things that hide within us, both good and bad, that yearn to be unleashed. As we allow the circumstances of life to dictate our choices, we begin to lose a little bit of ourselves every day. And then one day, for no apparent reason, we look at ourselves and see a stranger.

Who is this person that looks and sounds like me, we wonder. Who is this person walking around, making decisions, living, loving, hating and fearing.

Perhaps if the pain that arises is not too overwhelming we think back. We remember the joys of playing and laughing, the glee in winning races, running on the beach and splashing through the waves.

Perhaps we remember our first kiss, our childhood friends, the dreams we had, the plans we made.

How it felt to pour ourselves into a new project, be it art or a school play, or a special date we had looked forward to.

How did we get from there to here?

And why?

And how do we get back?

And is back the right way for us to go?

It is a sadness that youth is truly wasted on the young. With age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom.

Each part of our lives has to be lived fully. As much as we wish, there are no shortcuts. A baby must learn to crawl and walk, a toddler must learn to talk, a child must learn to understand and so on. Every phase is necessary to grow and develop an aspect of ourselves. Good and bad is worked into every part of us so that a universal balance may be found. We are constantly learning so that we may grow – and that is the whole point of the exercise!

We are born to love. Ourselves first, and others later. Each time we make a choice, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are choosing on the side of our beliefs – about ourselves.

Within every man, woman and child there is perfection. There is good and bad, light and dark, and most of all  – the ability to choose. These elements are ‘built in’. HOW we use them, is the thing that distinguishes one from another. We are all given the choice to excel. A deformed man chooses to be a world athlete, a perfect specimen of womanhood born from a wealthy family, chooses to commit suicide. Why?

Because they chose, according to what they believed and what they believed, they chose too.

Choice IS Everything

What do you believe? Were you born intrinsically different from others. Yes, we all have a uniqueness, but in the places of power, your mind and heart, are you lacking something?

Is there a nut or a bolt that everyone else got, but you?

What makes one person reach for the impossible and another give up at the fence?


Who you are now, is who you choose to be. Do you want to be loving? Choose it, and BE it, NOW!

Do you want to be honourable? Choose it, and BE it , NOW.

When you Choose, you Create.

or you can wait for the world to choose for you…and believe me…they will.

They’ll tell you how to talk, walk, dress, eat, behave, what career path to take, which boyfriend they like etc etc etc

If you are unhappy, Choose something new.


and the wonderful thing is…………….you can always change your mind if the fit isn’t right!!!!

every time you choose, you change – instantly. If it’s good, keep it, if the choice sucks – chuck it!

Are you a batty tart? Cool, go for it!

Aare you a loving intelligent chick? Go for it!


We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can ALWAYS choose what our response is going to be.

Most great choices have been made against the flow of what is acceptable and believable. They have required courage, determination and a crazy portion of faith – all of which were chosen too.

Choice is Creation and like Creation the possibilities are limitless. You can create and re-create yourself and your world over and over again until you find your true self…..

or you can hide in the shadows cowering and fearful waiting for the world to create your world for you……….






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One response to “Choosing to Choose

  1. Natasha

    March 31, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Thanks Mom for these words of wisdom that you lovingly drummed into me time and time again 😉 Even at the hardest time when it seemed’ the world was trying its very best to knock me off my feet ‘excuse the pun’ (inside joke) It was these words that helped me through…Once I CHOSE to listen that is! X


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