Snakes and Shakes

imagesMany strange and wonderful things have happened in my life. I’ve always been fascinated by the supernatural, probably because of my earliest memories involving spooks and other things that go bump in the night.

Funnily enough as an adult the weird experiences continued.

Thinking on all this reminded me of a young chap I used to be friends with. Lets call him ‘Cuddles’ – he was a real cutey. He was definately not a love interest being so much younger than I, but such a sweet and kind kid. He was extremely shy and that combined with a slight tubbyness meant he really struggled to meet girls. It was a pity because this kid was a real catch. When I met him he was studying engineering, doing very well and unlike most guys his age, was a committed Christian with a very clear life plan.

Being a loner we naturally levitated to one another despite our other differences and we quickly became fast friends. Now this was during my ‘Happy Clapper’ Christian phase. So one day while in a church service which we attended together, the pastor had us all join hands as we sang. I was high On ‘JC fuel’ and pumping out a praise song with the rest of them when suddenly Cuddles yelled and pulled his hand away from mine. I nearly had a heart attack! There he stood, wide eyed and shaking like a leaf.

‘Cuddles what on earth is wrong?’ I asked.

‘Snake, a snake, it felt like a snake slithering up my arms when you held my hand!’

Oh Godly Godlington, Jesus was soooo going to ground me….I was possessed!

Now it sounds funny, but back then I was horrified! I had no explanation for what had occurred. Needless to say the whole episode blew way out of all proportions. Cuddles was so freaked out that he refused to be friends with me anymore. That really hurt. I felt so lost and ashamed. It was only years later while recalling this story to a friend of mine that she pointed out that the snake is not in fact a symbol of the devil but it’s actually a symbol of healing based on the Rod of Asclepius – a Deity associated with healing and medicine. She even went so far as to remind me of the nurses medical badge which has two intertwined snakes on it.

And then she asked me a simple question: ‘After he felt the ‘snake’ how did his life change?’

I went quiet as I thought about it and then I answered: ‘Well within a month of that he was offered an internship at double the pay that he had expected (he had been battling to find one at all), he also met a gorgeous girl a few weeks later, got engaged within a few months of meeting and married with the year…….. he had also lost all his puppy fat and was looking handsome and happy.

‘So in other words within a few months of the ‘snake’ his life was completely and irrevocably changed for the better?’

‘Are you saying that I unknowingly healed him?’ I asked in shock. She just smiled and went to make tea.

Now as impossible as the above sounds, this is in fact a true story. To this day I don’t know what happened. I like to think that I had a hand in helping him, but truly without any knowledge it’s just a nice thought – scary of course, but nice.

That wasn’t the only time I experienced ‘ weird energy’. I remember one night we were at a prayer group and one of the ladies was feeling heartsore, so without thinking I went up to her and wrapped her gently in my arms. The next thing I know she starts shaking, not like jumpy shakes, but tremors roiling though her system. I attempted to pull away, again thinking that the demons were out, but she held fast to me as the tears suddenly began to pour out. We must have stayed that way for a good few minutes. Eventually she stopped crying and her body went limp and she pulled away with the most beautific smile on her face. She was calm and at peace.

I know we are energy beings so what occurred isn’t really that strange if you thick about it scientifically. If we are rocking with energy it makes sense that we are able to transfer from one to another.

The question is: Should We?

I knew nothing about anything, and it’s precisely because of that I decided to be very careful when touching people when I can feel my energy’s super high ( my hands buzz like crazy and get really hot).

Driving a car without knowledge and training is an opportunity to kill and maim. I believe that to attempt any sort of healing or energy transfer is the same. I found myself in a few more of these situations over the years, always unexpected, always a tad scary. I never pursued a career in healing because even then, back in the day, I realised that I lacked the self control and discipline necessary – basically I was the ultimate flower child, head in the clouds and feet in the drifting sand.

I’ve seen and experienced too much in this area to disbelieve the power of natural healing, but that said, I have also experienced the dodgy side which is populated with charlatans and grass level idiots. Whether you work on the mind or body, whether you are a naturopath or a surgeon, there are times when you hold the power and essense of that person on some level. I have seen broken people warped and wounded by broken healers. I have seen the arrogance and the farce and the outright scams conducted in churches and places of healing. I have also experienced the good, the great and the beautiful, I know it exists.

As to myself, I write and serve people another way. I still buzz, often – I’m good with animals, they love my energy and for me that’s enough.

People will have to find a far more mature person to work on them, my buzz is off-limits and on indefinate lock-down.

4 responses to “Snakes and Shakes”

  1. That’s a Shame. You have the most soothing hands and comforting hugs I’ve ever come across 😉


    1. Thanks sweetheart xxxxx maybe something to consider when I’m older and wiser!


  2. Did I read about Beth Reekles age 17 self published book blogging Sent from my iPhone So many people read Random books have bought! Have a read on goog


    1. Thanks hon- I recently bought an award winning online book about self publishing-just got to make time to read it, definately thinking of going that route!


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