A Tale of Psychic Woe

Where to from here
Where to from here

On of my most favourite people is Psychic.

She is wildly intelligent, hugely compassionate and gives readings that are not only accurate but liberally salted with wisdom and restraint- short version: she knows her stuff!
I’m also happy to say she doesn’t wear gypsy earrings or dangly pendants or stare at you with a mysterious demeanour while foot- stomping the hidden smoke machine!

Her main focus is helping people to develop strong life skills, to enable them to live life at their highest potential – and YES she is the Lioness I mentioned in an earlier blog.

We clear so far? No?

The planet is indeed blessed with a few genuine, wise and caring people with higher gifts.

Now as to the rest of ‘Terra Corrupta’………

The following is a true story – as clear as I can recall it of course.

One upon a time many years ago I was invited to a raucous party in Sea Point. It was being held at my pals apartment. So
there I was having a few drinks and enjoying myself when I decided I needed a dose of fresh air.

The apartment had this huge outside area which had not yet filled up with people and as I wondered out I spotted another friend chatting to a sweet looking dude. We were introduced and I looked up to greet said sweety (let’s call him Ruggers).

He looked as though he had just swallowed a  hairball – or seen a ghost or just danced with Frankenstein’s bride – I can’t decide. He stood there with a look of abject horror on his face and began trembling like a leaf!

Fortunately my friend, having imbibed a goodly amount of cheap plonk,  hadn’t noticed Rugger’s reaction and continued prattling away. When I was able to, I asked Ruggers what was wrong (panicking suddenly that somewhere in the depths of my tart days we’d hooked up!) As it turned out we hadn’t. We eventually managed to get past his initial reaction and began chatting and joking as if we’d known each other for years I but he refused to tell me why he’d been so upset when he saw me.

As the evening was drawing to a close we agreed to meet up soon at which point he promised to tell me what the heck was going on. Being naturally inquisitive and unnaturally impatient it was torture to be forced to wait for an answer to something so intriguing! The day after the party I found his business card in my letterbox and quickly arranged a meeting.

So in walks Ruggers – so named, by the way because he was this rather large and imposing rugby playing dude. I’ll never forget that day – the picture is forever in my head of this burly guy sitting on my couch and hugging a pillow for support.

And so the story began to unfold……

He had gone to see a psychic – I can’t remember why. She had told him that he was going to meet and get involved with 3 different woman. She told him about the first two, one would look like X.Y.Z  and the second would be whatever it was she described and have kids etc etc, but the third one, would have short dark hair, be dressed a certain way and be at a party on a specific date held by a mutual friend and this woman, would become his wife!

Yep! Yep! Yep!

That night in walked yours truly, looking exactly as described and at the right time and under the right circumstances described and walked straight up to him at that party!

The silence was deafening!

I wish I could remember what I said in reply, but knowing myself as I do it would probably have gone along the lines of:

‘ Holy crap! Are you shitting me?’

I was ever the lady…..

At that stage I hadn’t had any positive interaction with psychics but that said, even if I had I probably would have reacted the same way. It wasn’t that I was necessarily horrified at the thought of this sweet guy being a possible mate, it was the fact that a total stranger had the gall to direct his life so specifically that he was left feeling he had no choice. From what I can remember he had in fact also met the other two women described, so by the time I came along he was completely overwhelmed.

In my opinion a trustworthy psychic is one who guides you to find your best path. They make it clear that what they see is based on the decisions that you are making at that point and that your path can easily change as you change direction.  The mark of a good psychic is someone who leaves you with an understanding of your power to choose and decide your own way.

From what I could tell, the charlatan Ruggers went to laid out a path so exact that even if she had zero ability he would subconciously have ensured those results came about. I was hopping mad! Not at him, bless him, but at the cruelty of a total stranger to completely dictate the path of a young man who trusted her.

It took a good few weeks/months? – not sure,  to convince Ruggers that I was not going to be his wife. I loved this guy on site, and often wished I could fall in love with him because I knew he would be an amazing partner. The day he told me the story was the first time I gave him a righteous lecture – and somehow since then I have given hundreds more! It seemed that most every time we spent together he would ask questions or make comments and I would launch off in teacher mode.

Ours is a relationship that has lasted for over 20 years. If there really is such a thing as a past life existence then Ruggers is definately my younger brother! He must be, after all as soon as I lay eyes on him I start telling him what to do!

I adore this man and always have. After many years of a rather trying marriage to a rather trying woman he has finally found the woman he was made for. No shaking of bones or rattling of charms, just good old fashioned love.

And for once I approve of his choice………

7 responses to “A Tale of Psychic Woe”

  1. A wonderful voice. I read this account this morning with a clear head and, barring one or two hiccups along the way, it was as if reading a novel account. My compliments to the writer.


  2. Something you don’t know about me Beth…I am also a bit psychic…and I have predicted a career as a writer in your future…


    1. you’re my kind of psychic xx


  3. Very,very good and interesting as usual beth,my mother used to read fortunes and teacups etc. and called herself madame zola at chapel functions.My father used to look on with a combination of amusement and disdain.l was dragged to a psychic in glenrothes by an ex-girlfriend and he was astonishingly good.l unfortunately have forgotten his name and don’t particularly eant to contact the ex,but he was the real deal.


    1. Really!!!!! Wow! Then I shall have to write some more on the subject! Gran was a psychic???? Things are starting to make sense, you should really speak to my sis about it, she may have a suprise for youxx


      1. That last remark about caroline leaves me hanging in the air.


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