Writing your Prayer of Truth

02 May
you wanna dance big boy?

you wanna dance big boy?

It’s disclaimer time again kiddies!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist or any kind of medical professional. I don’t have the degrees, qualifications or patience for any of the above. The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone and I if you choose to follow my advice or agree with anything written here it is your decision as are the consequences thereof!

I was at work today and horribly bored so I decided to go and trawl through the back room to see if any of the kids had left a magazine lying around. The only one available was a horrid rag with gossip and nonsense of the utterly forgettable kind. I decided that it was better than nothing. I was about to give up the effort of reading it when I came across the ‘Agony Aunts’ page.

As I began reading I was completely taken aback by the questions that women were putting out there and it set my mind roiling with frustration. How was it possible that we as women needed answers to questions such as: ‘my husband beats me, should I leave him?’ or ‘my boyfriend is sleeping with my best friend but he says he loves me – what should I do?’

Seriously sisters have you all lost your minds!!!! Now I’m sure the professionals could give you an intricate rundown of why you are translating need as love. I’m sure you all probably have rejection issues that blind you to reality. I also sure that some of you may have wanted a puppy when you were younger and been given a pot plant instead – and its all probably relevant. But here’s the rub, figuring out how and why is often a lifetime journey, better handled by those in the know. What I want to talk about today is the ‘what the hells’ the truth’ part.

The other two don’t fall within my patience zone and it probably wouldn’t be appropriate to advise you to buy a baseball bat, so in lieu of that here’s what I’ve got.

When you were younger you dreamed of your wedding day. There you were looking like a princess walking down the isle to marry your Prince Charming. As you grew older your daydream would perhaps come to include a beautiful home, children, and perhaps even a hamster or two.

No matter where or how you grew up you never ever dreamed of one day marrying a man that would beat, cheat or leave you. You dreamed of love and joy and passion and purpose.

So where have you become confused?

By now I can almost hear all those excuses building up…..’but you don’t understand my hubby IS a good man, it’s just that he’s under a lot of pressure’, ‘back from the wars’, ‘recovering from a traumatic childhood’…………. blah, blah, blah!

Still not convinced? Ok it’s time to bring out the big guns.

When you are lost and confused and can’t find your way to stand firm and make a wise decision then it is an indicator that you absolutely MUST write the Prayer of Truth!

Although I’m talking predominately about romantic relationships, this prayer works for every confusing situation, be it career or love or investing in property. It works for men and women AND small frogs.

In order to find the absolute truth you need to be absolutely honest. The prayer is written based on your present circumstances, NOT on what you want from the past or pining for in the future – ok?

To assist you I’ve decided to write one based on my hideous marriage to give you an idea of what to do:


Blessed Lord, Divine Mother …………(whatever Deity you prescribe to)

I pray that one day I will be married to a violent man that can’t even pronounce my name properly.

He must be covered in tatoos and knife wounds and have a ferocious face that matches his terrifying temper.

Please ensure that he is willing and able to lie to me about absolutely everything.

He must be a con artist too and thoroughly unable to support myself and my child through legal means.

It’s imperative that he frighten and terrorise both myself and my daughter.

Please help him to do this well as I’ve always dreamt of being seperated from my baby for her own safety.

I pray that you would make him as nasty as possible so that I can be completely broken and alone for the next 20 years.

Thank you lord


Stunned silence?

We dream of love, we pray for it, search for it, rejoice in the thought of it. We never EVER dream of what we so often end up with. If you can’t see your truth then write it out as I have done above – and most importantly – believe what you see.

As you once searched for love, search now for your own shocked silence because therein lies the truth.

Write your prayer and you will find your truth.

What you do from that point is another matter entirely, but for right now find your starting point.

Find the truth about your circumstances.

and if necessary…buy the damn baseball bat!


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