The Attack of The Demon Hobbit (1)

Knowing my readers as I do it’s high time for a little more horror………….

So about 2 years ago I was living happily in my flat and the world was quiet and peaceful and had been for a long while. I had befriended the building manager or rather he had befriended me. When I’d moved in years before he had wanted to take me out, he wasn’t actually lechy, just lonely. Of course I’d said no – after all the old boy was in his 70’s already.

Despite throwing him to the curb we got on really well and he was a great help and good company. He would offer us lifts to school when the weather was lousy, we’d go shopping together and The Diva and I would pop in for tea at least twice a week. I had someone to chat with, The Diva had a permanent source of chocolate – it was a really pleasant friendship.

He loved cooking and would often make extra and send us off with a huge tub of stew or soup, we even enjoyed a few New Years Eve dinners with him and his son. Everything was peachy.

One year he got really sick and was rushed off to hospital. He was close to my work, so every day I would visit him and do his washing and buy whatever he needed while he was there. He was my friend.

His son was my age and we also got on like a house on fire. We didn’t have the attraction distraction but we were both computer and art mad so we had loads to chat about. Whenever something needed doing in my flat one or the other was always there to help.

On the day they invited me for a braai everything began to change.

I was always tired so the thought of a cooked meal which didn’t need my attention was perfect. His son started the braai and while he was busy  I went and sat inside on the couch, thinking I’d watch a little TV while he was mucking about lighting the fire. The next thing I knew 4 hours had passed and I woke up with a fright, feeling a bit disorientated. I hadn’t worked the night before and was not bone weary, just my normal tired. It was a little frightening, but I didn’t bother about it too much.

A while later I had popped in as usual and the old man had gone to make the tea. I was sitting watching the news armed with a steaming cup of tea when after a few minutes I began to fell really tired, crazy tired. I had worked the previous night and assumed that it had suddenly caught up with me. I duly left and went home.

I sat on the bed and before I knew what was up it was morning. Impossible! I hadn’t even put my child to bed.

By this time I was seriously worried but still wasn’t connecting the dots. I had my suspicions and tested the theory by refusing tea when I went there the next couple of times, but eventually convinced myself that I was mistaken – after all he was my friend. I was always tired because I worked so much and it made sense that sometimes it would just catch up with me….

A few weeks later I was again sitting with ‘the boys’ and had told him that I was so tired nowadays that I could barely function. He said why don’t you have a nap on the couch and relax. I declined saying I had a lot to do and I still had to fetch a carpet from the garage with his son. He duly went off to make the tea.

The next thing I remember I was waking up in my bed the following morning. My hair was still wet and I had a cigarette burn on my leg. My daughter was standing over me staring intently and shaking me so that I would wake up.

I knew something bad had happened. I Immediately called my friend ‘Panelvan’ and explained the situation as best I could – I was still bombed! He immediately rushed round to help. I was still dis-orientated and dizzy but compus mentus enough to speak to Hannah to ensure that nothing untoward had happened to her. She seemed worried about me but otherwise fine. No one had touched or photographed her or asked her to do anything strange ( we had asked all the questions we could think of).

We then called my local doctor who was not there, but a lovely lady doctor was on call for the day. We went in and explained what had happened, she immediately drew blood and sent it off to the lab for an emergency test. The tests came back positive for date rape drugs. From what I understand these drugs can disappear rather rapidly from one’s system and because it was administrated so early the previous day they weren’t convinced that evidence would be found. I was apparently given an enormous dose – they had no problem finding it! And no I hadn’t been raped.

My daughter had said that I had gone with the son to fetch the carpet and then we went home and I ran a bath – I don’t remember. She became worried when the bathroom was so silent and went to check on me and found that I had fallen asleep. She shook me and shouted until I stirred. She said that I turned my head slowly and stared at her with big eyes and my mouth hanging open.

She managed somehow to get me out of the bath and dress me and put me to bed. My little baby girl, all alone, not given any supper and with no one to call on for help literally saved my life by getting me out of the bath before I drowned.

She was only 7 years old at the time.

To be continued….

2 responses to “The Attack of The Demon Hobbit (1)”

  1. Good grief Beth!!!!! What happened to them? Another chapter for book, actually this could be a film script in the future. That could give you a break from Cape nutters with Scottish nutters


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