The Attack of The Demon Hobbit (2)

So many things came to light after the Attack of the Demon Hobbit. It turns out that my daughter had seen him crushing yellow tablets between 2 spoons on the large deep-freeze that stood in the kitchen – and that had been 2 or 3 months before the incident!

From what we could see he had slowly been drugging me, upping the doses all the time. We think the last night he had become impatient and simply given me too much.

I went to the police and gave them all the details. They said they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it but duly went to talk to The Hobbit and his son. They went through his medicine cabinet and looked specifically for date rape drugs but couldn`t find any – the chemicals are the same as in sleeping tablets and he had boxes full of those! The detective said it didn’t matter because unless I could prove the drugs were administered to me in his flat by him I had no case. I would also have to prove I had been `sober` going in and drugged coming out.
Short of having a video camera strapped to my head there was nothing I could do.

We were terrified and helpless. I changed the locks and rocked my baby to sleep every night. Eventually after a week of  my daughter having nightmares I called in the big guns – I called her Daddy – The Dodgy Barman.

Oh Sweet Jesus, he has his uses!!!

He was enraged, off his mind furious – BEFOK (as we say in South Africa).

The next thing I know he arrives at the door with a sweet smile. He greets his daughter and gives her loads of love and then says `Daddy`s just going to have a little chat with those people, I`ll see you now`………..

His hair was cropped short, he was wearing dungarees so his tatoos were sparkling and he was apparently armed with a gun and a knife…..and a lovely smile………

Well, needless to say he spoke so nicely to them that they called the police the next day and attempted to lay a charge!

Bless SAP! They may not have helped before but they sure did then – they basically told him to stop wasting their time, nicely of course…the detective did call me and I told him the truth – I had not asked Dad to visit them but I was terribly happy that he had. The law couldn’t protect me so surely her father had the right to try? He didn’t argue with that.

I had spoken to my daughters teachers and together we watched her for months to make sure she was in fact OK. The immediate assumption was of course that The Hobbit had knocked me out in order to gain access to her. We checked her essays, carefully checked the pictures that she drew, watched her as she played to see if anything fearful was being re-enacted, you name it, we did it – nothing! She had nightmares in the beginning but those seemed to stem from her fear that she would lose me and not directed towards a danger she herself faced.

So if he hadn’t interfered with her WHY? Why had he done it?

As I thought through all I knew about him the only thing I could come up with was that he was more lonely than anyone realised.

His son lived with him but was out most days and nights. His wife had died years previously and the rest of his kids were far away. I know he loved the idea of us spending time there, he had made mention of the fact that it felt like having a family again.

While I was passed out the first time he had fed The Diva and watched TV with her and we had left there at about 9pm instead of just staying an hour. Could it really be that simple? Could he have drugged me to ensure that I spent more time there, albeit passed out?

It was truly baffling. This man had been my friend and he wasn’t far wrong on the family thing because we had been that comfortable with each other. Apart from being angry and afraid I was desperately sad.

I had fortunately always been kind and friendly to the security and cleaning staff at the building and when they had heard what had happened they all came to check on us. For months afterwards they would hover and continually ask us if we were OK.

They hated him – he treated them like animals. He was a hardened racist and a horrid person to those who worked for him. This sweet man, my friend, was a bully and a tyrant. I had always known that, so why had I befriended him in the first place?

I believe now that because he made my life easier, I had chosen to overlook the fact that he was a pig – after all he was fabulous to us. I had traded my conscience, covered my eyes and accepted his friendship.

Its a painful lesson to realise you’ve traded with the Devil to ensure your comfort.

Thinking on what could have happened to my child I was ashamed.

I was given a powerful lesson in authenticity that I hope to God I never forget.

We had lived through hell, but it wasn’t over yet – The Demon was now untouchable and living 2 floors down……

to be continued…..

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