The Diva and the Ritalin Pushers (1)

My youngest daughter is nicknamed The Diva. She is a gorgeous bundle of drama, stubborness, love and delight.

Every teacher that has had her has just about jumped off a building trying to get her to ‘toe the line’ and failed miserably!

She daydreams, she talks incessantly and she’s very bossy. She’ also extremely gentle with younger children, she’ll comfort anyone who’s in distress and she’ll hammer the heck out of any kid who mocks or bullies her or anyone else in any way!

She’s the Diva and she’s magnificent!

Unfortunately the school system doesn’t agree. They see her kind and gentle side, but because she’s so much work they’re now closing their eyes and freaking their lids.
Both the principal and her teacher are pushing for her to be put onto Ritalin! (their kids are on it).

Now I don’t walk with blinders on – I know how difficult she can be and I’m pretty sure she fits quite nicely into the ADD or ADHD moulds – BUT how on earth did we manage to take what is essentially a wonderful, independant and intelligent spirit and convince ourselves that it’s a mental condition?

Some of the most brilliant inventors and thinkers and entrepeneurs of our time would have been classified as ADHD! What the heck would have happened if drugs were available as they are now and we’d drugged the genius out of them?

Thomas Edison for one was thrown out of school for ADHD behaviour! Imagine if his mother had poured ‘essence of sloth’ down his throat?

One of the things the teachers are fritzing about is how much my daughter daydreams. Her reply to me was: ‘ I look at things for a long time so that I can figure out what to do with them’………she’s 8 years old!

Ritalin be damned!

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2 responses to “The Diva and the Ritalin Pushers (1)”

  1. So sad to hear that teachers there are throwing in the towel. I have observed ‘once upon a time’ that your daughter is above exception (and discipline?). And knowing that they don’t really work, an absolute no to drugs, especially for children.


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