Is the taste of Iron a Good Thing?

The following is an email I sent this morning to my daughters’ principal. I have removed names and used letters instead, otherwise it stands as it was sent.
For those of you who know me, please feel free to stand in awe of my supernatural self – control regarding the wording.
Mrs M.
A situation occurred this morning when I dropped my daughter off at the school.
I was approached by one of her classmates who told me that H. was very naughty. When I asked why she thought that, she replied that the other day Mrs C. had grabbed H. by the arm and dragged her crying and screaming across the classroom.
I had not heard this from H. and it turns out that she was embarrassed by it and had said nothing.The child then proceeded to laugh telling me it was very funny.
When I asked H. why her teacher had behaved that way she said that she was trying to get her marble and Mrs C. had become angry and dragged her to her desk. The child who was relating these events continued laughing as she described how my daughter was trying desperately to pick up her marble while her teacher was pulling her arm in the other direction, forcing a tug of war between them until the teacher won and managed to drag H. to her desk.
For obvious reasons I must insist on a written response via email from you.
 It is going to be very interesting to see what their response will be. This incident occurred, I believe, on the day my daughter was thrown out of class for the entire day. She was made to sit outside the principals office and denied permission to attend music or class sports.
 My anger at this point somehow has it’s very own taste, iron…

6 responses to “Is the taste of Iron a Good Thing?”

  1. This type of behavior is becoming more frequent lately. It’s hard to get answers too because they all look out for each other, which is to be expected I guess. I hope you get some answers.


  2. For every such incident write a formal letter of complaint and if you don’t get any change in “their” behaviour in a last resort complain to shool governors education dept.If any further physical chastisements occur it should be regarded as an assault and a police matter.All ofcibste the aforementioned apart from letters must be balanced against further bias hannah to exacibate the situation.


    • I heard today that they have managed to chase another one of the other ADD kids out, one of the teachers said that the parents finally realised that their child didn’t belong there!


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