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Marry Me Maca!

macaMaca Powder – root herb scoffed by Incan warriors for strength,energy and endurance.

Maca Powder – root powder, recently scoffed by me – now feeling like an Incan warrior!

I know the rest of the planet has known about it for EVER, but it’s only recently that I discovered it and decided to give it a whirl. The last couple of months I’ve been taking strain. Exhausted and generally worn out I was desperate – sound familiar?

I started making smoothies. Goji berries, cinnamon, milk and whatever else I could think of. It filled me up after my morning walks, gave me some added energy, but nothing earth shattering.

Enter Maca – OMG! 1 teaspoon a day and I was Re – Bloody Born!

Seriously! You have to try this stuff!!!

It has so many benefits that I’m not going to attempt to mention them all here, that’s what Google’s for. In my smoothie however it has worked miracles. It’s a super food and in just a few days has bumped my energy levels through the roof. I had a hormonally – based cracker of a headache again the other day and took half a spoon of Maca in a small glass of milk. I could literally feel the headache melting away within minutes. Usually nothing less than gigantor pain tablets will work.

Because it helps to balance the endochrine system out it affects so many areas of the body and is thus far the best ‘super food’ I’ve ever come across.

Although I’ve only taken it for a few days, apparently it has a stronger effect the longer you take it. The only side effects I can find would be a little dehydration if you up your dose. So drink lots of water.

I’m hugely physically active so after my morning walk I make a smoothie with half a teaspoon and then again mid afternoon if I’m working a double.

By this stage of the month I’m usually in ‘Crazy Betty’ mode, hormones raging, exhaustion and headaches that give me blurred vision, but thus far – nada!

It’s also NOT like energy drinks that you can feel working. It’s just does. A few hours after taking it you look back and wonder how you got so much done without being tired.

My energy levels have never been coy. I am so busy, I literally drop like a log around 4pm, but in the last week I’ve been rocking. The other interesting discovery is that it somehow helps with ‘dead legs’. I face hills and stairs all day long and by the afternoon my legs are knackered. The second teaspoon sorts that out within about 5 minutes!

Maca has a lovely nutty taste and works a charm in smoothies.Apparently you can bomb it into fruit juices too, but I’m not keen on that route because it has a slightly bitter back taste – but you try it and decide what works for you.

For myself, I’m ready to throw aside my committment phobia and Marry my Maca, for life!

So all you tired, middle aged worker bees, grab yourselves a bag of the stuff now and get dancing!

Oh and for the boys: Apparently it brings your little man back to life – libido magic…..

Can’t ask for more than that!







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Mandela Becoming a Deity?

Nelson Mandela 'Man of Honour'

Nelson Mandela ‘Man of Honour’

One of my uncles mentioned after my last post that it looked like Mandela was fast becoming becoming a deity. So why is that? Why do we approach the subject of a mere mortal with such reverence?

Let’s have a quick fly – by at history:

‘For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others’. Nelson Mandela

‘No one is born hating another person for the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than it’s opposite’. Nelson Mandela 


Jacob Zuma 'Man of.... well who the hell knows!'

Jacob Zuma ‘Man of…. well who the hell knows!’

‘God expects the ANC to rule this country because we are the only organization which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. It is even blessed in heaven. That is why we rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our City (Cape Town) when we are ruling the country’. Jacob Zuma

‘A shower would minimise the risk of contracting the aids disease’. Jacob Zuma

Can you see the difference?

There are many hundreds of quotes to choose from, but any selection chosen shows the difference immediately.

The spirit of these men is constant.

Nelson Mandela encouraged, taught and when necessary disciplined his people.

Zuma on the other hand hasn’t had the time. Between the accusations of rape, negligence, corruption and a multitude of marriages, the man is just brained out!

After suffering for so long one would have expected Mandela to have ravaged the people and riches of this country as pay – back on his release, but he didn’t.

Zuma on the other hand seems to have picked up the slack on that one…

Anyone feel like a shower?


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95 Kisses for My Tata!

IMG-20130718-02850Madiba MasksThe Community Chest of Cape Town decided to form a blanket chain in Bree Street today.

The reason?

Well it’s Madiba’s 95th Birthday of course!

I know it seems like a weird gesture to anyone living outside of Africa, but here it’s quite normal.

With every important celebration in Africa you’ll find a blanket involved. It is a source of warmth and comfort and is presented to a bride when she gets married, given at funerals to the family – in fact at any important occasion.

The blankets were bought by the people in the line and then donated to the needy – very much in keeping with The Spirit of Madiba and certainly desperately needed for this Winter.

We heard the commotion from the restaurant and promptly downed tools and ran outside to watch – another ‘Pure Africa’ move!

If there’s singing and dancing and an opportunity to celebrate a wonderful man, we’ll dump our stuff and run.
There aren’t too many of them left in South Africa, so we must be excused for such behaviour.

In honour of Madiba’s request to spend 67 minutes every year on his birthday helping out our community, this was a double header – it helped the needy and was an absolute blast!

Mandela masks, singing, dancing, laughter and rejoicing followed by a loud count to 67, the spirit of Our Tata was alive and well.

So Blessed Day to you our Precious Father. You have loved and encouraged our nation and the world.

For now I wish you ease and comfort, and for the future as you watch over us, I wish you many exciting journeys, joy, peace and wisdom for all eternity.

95 Kisses to you Tata


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Rollicking with the Red Berets

This is our new Savior?

This is our new Savior?

King Kenny

King Kenny

Julius Malema has started a new, as yet unregistered, political party with sushi king Kenny Kunene.

It will be called the EFF – The Economic Freedom Fighters.

Corruption, fraud, money laundering and racketeering to name but a few, are the charges levelled at Malema.

Was that before or after he got thrown out of the ANC?

So confusing!

He has made a point of saying that anyone with a hint of corruption won’t be welcome to join….

‘Eish’ he says embarrassed, ‘perhaps I’d better leave!’ ….and then I woke up laughing…

But never mind, because his chum Kenny is apparently interested in making porn movies,

so if politics bites them in the bum, well, the film might keep them in sushi..

Aint life Grand!

Now where do I get me a nice red berry?


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Oh Dear, I Don’t Seem to Exist!

The Ghosts of Africa

The Ghosts of Africa

I recently applied for an unabridged copy of my birth certificate in the unlikely event that I would one day find a way to have my Scottish heritage restored to me and mine.

After 6 months of waiting and calling to see when it would be ready I was sent an sms from the department of Home affairs to tell me that I had to come in and complete the Late Registration forms…… ummm, say what?

Years back when I applied for an ID book I also had to wait months until they eventually contacted me and said I didn’t exist but they were going to issue me an ID Number so that I could get my book….. excuse me, is that even legal ????

So this is what I think I know about myself:

I was given up for adoption by my Scottish mother, but the only consent paper I’ve seen was not signed by her…

I was adopted by a family that doesn’t seem to have registered me …

I am not 44 because I only began existing a few years ago when I was issued an ID number that probably belongs to someone else’s dead chihuahua….

I am almost South African and almost Scottish…..

Sweden is nice at this time of year isn’t it, maybe I’ll call them and ask if they have a spare identity lying around…..

I’d probably get it in the post with a nice sticker book…..and a bottle of peroxide for my chestnut curls…

Can I cry now………..please?


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Blind Man, Blind Country



Old man, blind man

gently strumming.

but the noise, the noise, oh the noise! 

It’s all he knows, all he has

Is it louder than a car?

Does it make you bleed?

Call in the law

Yes beat him, break his guitar,break his spirit.

Bad blind man

your innocence slated.

We feel so proud.Your screams are better than your music.

Pat ourselves on the back,

the law has been upheld.

Good citizens – Burn in hell!


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Popping The Bubble

One can be forgiven for thinking that all South African’s are racist morons who spend their days trying to contain their fear and hatred.

Our country is a violent one to be sure – but is that the whole mucky picture?

Choosing your side of the fence

Choosing your side of the fence

I am a middle aged white woman of modest means living in this country. I was not raised to be hate-filled, but I was raised ‘white’.

Most everyone I knew while growing up was white. The only exceptions were our nannies and gardeners.

I think I was 18 before I had my first real conversation with a non – white person – mind blowing isn’t it?

The path for our country has been one paved with blood and tears, but for me personally it has been one of awakening.

Our family, like so many others, accepted the status quo regarding the seperation of races.

We never questioned it. We gave to charities, took great care of the people who worked for us, but never thought to stop and think about the ‘whites only’ signs that were up everywhere.

It never occurred to us that there was something implicitly wrong with 1st car train carriages for the whites and 2nd and 3rd class for the ‘others’.

When my older brother started high school and developed a social conscience we listened to him and shrugged, because ‘that’s just the way things were’. We never considered ourselves racist, in fact we just never considered anything past our own middle class lives. We lived in a little white bubble.

We would have been appalled if someone had accused us of racism – truly, and that’s the sadness of it. One always points fingers at the hardcore tyrants abusing their workers and enslaving the races, but what of those of us who never took a stand, who never even thought to do so?

There’s no such thing as neutral when it comes to love. Being on the fence is not possible when it has an impact on the freedom of others.

It was a shocking lesson to learn, and one I hope I’ll never forget. Whether one is actively or passively involved in the change in this country, we are all accountable.

Everything we DO and everything we DON’T do, has an impact, somewhere, somehow.

I may not know how to become involved in bringing about the changes this country so desperately needs, but at least now I’m aware that change is needed.

I do what is in my power to do. It’s not much, truly, but one human being at a time is my belief.

I am awake now, I see, I feel and I care…..I will add to that as time goes on….


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