I’m from Where?

I'm from where.....?
I’m from where…..?

Today after many months of waiting for my unabridged birth certificate I finally received the sms to tell me it was ready.

The walk that takes 15 minutes felt like 15 hours, because somehow I knew.

I had taken a chance applying for it and putting my natural parents details on it. I had never been registered by my adoptive family, so it was worth at least trying. I didn’t really think it would work – and it didn’t.

I hadn’t lied, I had been honest all the way through this process. I had explained my adoption, showed them all the paperwork and told them that I had found my family and wanted to have my biological parents on the birth certificate.

It was not to be.

The brain is a funny machine. Knowing what would probably happen, I should have been prepared, but I wasn’t, I was gutted. Seeing the adoptive parents listed as my natural mother and father just about did my head in.

On the way there a crazy guy covered in blood accosted me begging for money. I was NOT in the mood and growled at him to back off.

He shouted furiously: ‘ You haven’t even looked at me, how would you like it if nobody looked at you!’

If one believes in Universal signs, that would be a clear indication that I was not going to be heard and my request would be denied.

Of course now the confusion has deepened further because the paperwork says my ‘natural’ mother was born in Holland…

So I’m Dutch now?

23 responses to “I’m from Where?”

  1. wow, your journey has really been an interesting one. I hope you’ve come right with the papers by now, if not, i do hope you still get to go and meet up with your biological mother and the family.


  2. I am amazed by that I really am..Anyway there could be a lot worse than a Dutch passport..probably better than a British one in the long run…xx


  3. What Rubbish they are talking and what about the birth certificate of your Mum’s as the evidence and your adoption papers surely they count for something..Tell them from me they are wrong and if you need any documentation from this end Beth let me know…The British consulate is your next place and also if not DNA testing and that can be done by a very reputable testing group in this country who deal with all of these such cases.Yours apparently is not unique..


    • Its not question of blood legitimacy. I had all the correct documents to prove that I am/was a Gallacher – thats not the point. The point is that it doesnt matter. As to the consulate there is no person to person contact at all for any reason, you have to go onto the website! Adoption is a Permanent severing of ties. In the eyes of the law you guys dont even exist!


      • I wear Clogs a lot anyway so you are OK..actually Beth anyway if you get Dutch citizenship it won’t matter because we are all joined at the hip here anyway and can live anywhere within the European community and I would very seriously consider it..


  4. Oh for fuck’s sake!!!!! So as in many South African things would it have been better lying????? Well your Mother wasn’t Dutch so that needs to be changed. Maybe get a letter written by anyone from Scotland saying it is your mum asking for name???? Why do these tossers make life more difficult???? xxxxxxx


    • Hey hon – Had to edit your comment cos you had your phone number and email attached, also took out mums name. As to the rest lying wouldnt have helped because the Brits are very hardcore about applying for citizenship. I could easily have lied my way through and just submitted forms to idiots at front counter but then if I had got into a UK citizenship and the Brits had found out I could have had passport revoked and been booted out of the country. As to the rest -adoption is permanent. When I come over next year I can’t even go on family visa, because by law you guys are not my family, and I cant apply for citizenship based on grandparents because well, legally, they are not MY grandparents. Getting mum to write a letter is also no good, because, by law, she is not my mum!!!!!!


      • Well why is your mum on your adoption papers..that is ridiculous you have got to push this a lot further…


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