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Less is More



I love to springclean – but this is radical, even for me.

I’ve always been a very energy-orientated mamma. When things are starting to stick, I begin to sort out, throw out and down size.

I’m mean as a weasel when faced with stuff that hasn’t seenĀ the light of day for the last 6 months!

The start to 2014 was traumatic, frustrating, and positively feral on so many levels. It has been a good few years since so much went downhill so fast, and true to my manic ‘do-over’ nature, I began to simplify.

I sold furniture I’d hated for ever, rampaged through books, clothes, ornaments and other arb household stuff that hadn’t made itself useful.

Each ton of crap I threw out or gave away felt like another loadstone being removed from my neck – and it didn’t end there…

I attacked my internet world with a vengeance. All those subscriptions to ‘fabu’ places that were ‘just keeping me in touch with my world’ – gone, unsubscribed!

The TV that kept us prisoner and uncommunicado – adios!

All those weird people I didn’t really communicate with more than once in a decade – ciaou bella – you’re toast!

I’ve taken it further too. I have drawn to myself a few’ Dead Weight Charlies’ that should have had the boot years ago for their negative behaviour. They’ve been sent packing or confronted – ‘ flat out – no diplomacy required’.

I’ve even had a radical haircut and begun a long overdue schedule of exercise and pampering which I must say feels bloody awesome!

My final step – de-activating Arsebook!

Constant web babble – gone

Overcrowded home – gone.

Jerks – gone.

Hair – gone.

My life is quieter, calmer, more spacious and superbly simple. My phone is not constantly beeping and buzzing and distracting me with nonsense.

The energy is good and positive and flowing beautifully.

It took a while to restore, but it was so worth it.

I am finally breathing free in 2014 – and unexpected offshoots – my daughter is rocking at school and I’ve suddenly been making pots of money at the restaurant.

Ain’t life grand!



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Snagging Boots

Snagging Boots

Snagging Boots

All is good in the world as I merrily make my way through the day.

I’m at peace, everything’s running smoothly and then suddenly, and ALWAYS without warning I get ‘Troll Smacked‘!

Someone in a crappy mood or running on selfish fumes jumps up into my day and trashes it! It could be anyone – colleague, family or perfect stranger.

For myself personally, it is one of the areas I struggle the most – being taken by suprise. I generally always react badly. I say ‘yes’, when I really mean ‘no’, I say ‘no’ when I really mean ‘I’m not sure’, and I say ‘fuck right off’ when I really mean ‘please keep your problems to yourself’, (I’m such a lady).

I find that most times I have to re-learn old lessons a few times before they really stick, and this is no exception.

I need to remember that being ‘Troll Smacked’ is like fishing. There you are, as happy as punch, and you begin to reel in the perfect catch, but as it pops up out of the water it’s not a shiny fish.

It’s an old and scruffy boot. Usually one you’ve snagged a few times before.

‘Oh well, bummer’, you say to yourself and toss it back.

No fireworks, no drama – just toss it back, calmly.

and remember to whistle…

you can’t shout and whistle at the same time……

or can you?



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