Who is Scott Lively?

Scott Lively - 'clutching 'the evidence'
Scott Lively – ‘ clutching ‘the evidence’
In Uganda, homosexuality, according to the ‘professionals,’ is nothing more than deviant behaviour that can, and now by law in fact, MUST, be un-learned.

Those of us (with brains), already living on the African continent, shake our heads and sigh, understanding that down South we are still overrun with small, frightened tribal beliefs that blow up every now and then into something truly nasty like ‘corrective rape’ – so nothing new.

But to find such beliefs emanating from a first world country, namely America, is quite another story.

Enter Scott Lively – American author, attorney, pastor, gay hater, perhaps soon to be ‘King of Genocide’. He is president of Abiding Truth Ministeries and former state director of the Californian branch of the American Family Association. Added to that he helped to found an organization which calls itself  Watchman on the Walls. It is officially listed as a hate group. They are known to take park in anti – gay rallies, where ‘deviants’ are pelted with excrement!

This delightful man is also responsible for bringing in the legislation that could result in the murder of countless gay Ugandans by encouraging, pushing for and helping to institute the laws that criminalise homosexuality in the country.

So Scott ‘cowboys in’, influences a few powerful, but small – minded people and leaves.

And what he leaves behind is a country at odds with itself, as if it didn’t have enough problems to start with.

A lawsuit has been filed against him by human rights group ‘Sexual Minorities Uganda’ but of course that hasn’t stopped him. More recently he took part in a St. Patricks day Parade in Boston which explicitly excluded gay and lesbian marchers.

So as he clutches his big old bible, doing ‘Gods work’ by preaching death and damnation for all ‘deviants’ one has to wonder what God and the Universe thinks of all this.

Be funny if God really is a Mrs God – wonder whether he’d be dumb enough to start a rally to protest – God I hope so……

She’d give him a new version of the burning bush!

Meanwhile in Uganda, people are dying…….

A life ‘well – lived’ asshole!



2 responses to “Who is Scott Lively?”

  1. That man does not have the right to call himself human! Obviously he didn’t read the part of the bible that was written by God: commandment 6 “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” That is exactly what this……person is urging others to do!


    • people have forever twisted the bible to suit their madness – he carries zero responsibility for what he brings about. I guess he considers the deaths that have and will occur – gods just wrath.


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