Fewer Follows, more writing?


To those bloggers I follow:

I’ve just tanked the lot of you – sorry……..

I have been struggling to find the time to do justice to the wonderful ideas and colour that flow through the blogs, but truly most times I just scan through and hit ‘like’.

This year I have decided to dedicate my time to find answers in my life and in terms of my writing, my voice.

So in the spirit of authenticity I have closed the door to the things in your minds so that I can hear better the things in mine.

So lets all continue to write our asses off and flood this planet with our authentic, fabulous selves!





4 responses to “Fewer Follows, more writing?”

  1. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now! I’ve decided I follow way too many and can’t keep up with the emails. Even changing to the reader didn’t work. So I’m going through and checking where I’ve been and who I’ve not been faithful too for one reason or another. I’m even discovering people who haven’t written in months and are still on the list I follow. Which is kinda crazy. There does have to be a balance. Tastes change and reasons why we followed initially may no longer apply. I’m finding myself drawn more to poetry than I was in the early days so it makes sense to cull. I hope you’re doing ok. You’re totally right to go with the writing. It’s what we’re all here for.x


    • I find it becomes a little too facebook-like after a while, whew! and you love to write poetry so be selective, read other poets, your inspiration will soar even more and then we’ll have more poetry from you – lovely!!!!


  2. I totally read you and understand. I have dwindled down as well otherwise I find less time to write, work, live…sending you inspiration and blessings. Hope you are well. Do not have to respond…just receive this from Montreal. (((((((((hugs))))))))) Oliana


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