Are you suffering from ‘Cellphonealitis?’

My Life is Over!
My Life is Over!

We had just fed and watered a small bunch of top level bank execs. They had motored through a high paced business lunch and were heading off to save and/or cripple the world.

As the last of the invited guests left, the three hosts suddenly realised that all conversation had stopped and that they were alone in the room and required to communicate on some level.

All three simultaneously turned away from each other, picked up their cell phones and began sending random messages. They had been making decisions that could quite possibly affect millions of people, but when faced with an everyday thing like conversation, they ran scared!

We have become so euthanised to the sight of cell phones that we no longer question how far our social abilities have suffered because of them. Kids begin dissappearing in adult company, not engaging on any level, too pre-occupied with their latest gadgets. Young couples who should still by rights be happily mauling each other through dessert, barely talking because they’re too busy sending messages or trolling their facebook.

We are becoming hopelessly dependent on our technology.

What a sad substitute they are. Laughing, hugging, teasing, encouraging, teaching – all those good things, have been reduced to weird smileys and symbols and impossible word compounds that only make sense to 12 year olds.

Technology is there to smooth out our lives, not replace them.

Gadgets are still just machines and should be treated as such.

As people we need to touch and talk and listen and laugh and argue – in the flesh. Without those things we lose our humanity, we destroy our spirits, and if we’re not careful, we’ll become just like the machines we rely so heavily on.

What a sad, boring and colourless world that would be!



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