A ‘White – Free’ Africa?

Blade Nzimande - Higher Education Minister

Blade Nzimande – Higher Education Minister

Recently, in South Africa, our president was again in the spotlight having to explain himself. This time it was for the millions spent on his homestead in Nkandla.

An enquiry was carried out by the public prosecutor, Thuli Madonsela. Needless to say ‘inconsistencies’ were found.

One of the first reactions was for the Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, to publicly announce the report to be ‘white lies!’

This is South Africa, where people wear ‘kill the boer’ t-shirts, design ‘killing banners’ declaring death to the whites and where high level public servants blame us for the theft of their own people.

On any ordinary day people of all colours work, play, live and love together with no sign of racism, hate or fear. In Cape town where I live, it was like that long before Mandela came to power.

In a country struggling to reform itself it seems to me that the biggest stumbling block to unity lies in the mouths and hearts of the countries’ rulers. They preach violence, encourage land grabs and spread lies and propoganda.

We are a country of many colours and white is one of them.

With all their raving speeches and empty promises, not one person of colour has received what they promised. Years after we became a democratically ruled country the poor are poorer and the beautiful dream of true and lasting unity is fast disintegrating.

I can only think that disunity is the only weapon evil men have to remain in power.

Imagine if for once we all joined together and said ‘NO’. Imagine if together we called for accountability and didn’t back down until the truth was revealed. Racism has become a tool to confuse the masses and to deflect attention from the crimes of those in power.

As the voice of the white man dissappears, rulers like Blade will rejoice, but beware – eventually the people will have eyes to see and ears to hear and their hunger and pain will not be pushed aside with lies and fantasy.

God help us all on that day…….










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And just when you thought things were already ridiculous……


A baby was arrested in Pakistan for attempted murder. His father and grandfather were also arrested during a protest for throwing rocks and because he was with them, he was charged and finger printed too….

The official responsible was suspended without pay pending an investigation.

The baby has been released on bail and will appear in court again tomorrow….

True story! 




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Shag Implants…..Really?

Implanon - contraceptive implant

Implanon – contraceptive implant

Back in the day, when I was still shagging, things were normal and simple in terms of contraception. Take this pill, use that condom – get the picture?

Imagine my surprise when I worriedly asked my daughter’s teacher why her arm was so badly bruised ( I was all ready to give her the ‘it’s time to leave him speech’), when she smiled and said ‘ that’s my new contraceptive’.

‘Excuse me?’

Yep, no more tabs or jabs or weird wire thingy’s up the gazoo – now they insert a plastic rod into your arm….yes your arm!

It’s a simple procedure. They give you a local anaesthetic which does hurt like a mother for a few seconds, and then shoot the rod into the arm you don’t use to write with. It leaves a hellish bruise and is a bit tender for a few days, but otherwise fairly painless.

The short version of how it works is that it continually secretes a small amount of Etonogestrel (synthetic hormone resembling Progesterone) and lasts for up to 3 years. It can be removed before that time obviously, but must not be left in longer.

Being a bit of a ‘Negative Nancy’, I’ve looked for side effects and can’t find anything too off-putting. From what I can find it seems pretty safe and highly effective. The only real pause would be to ensure that when you go for the procedure you check your list of meds with them as some may react badly.

(Implanon may interact with phenylbutazone, modafinil, St. John’s wort, antibiotics, seizure medicines, barbiturates, and HIV medicines.

I’m not sure how long this product has been available on the rest of the planet, but here in Africa it’s only just been released. If you want to read more hit the link at the bottom of this post.

While you do that I’m going to make a nice soothing cup of tea while I reflect on the weirdness of this planet …… a shag rod….jeez…… next thing they’ll tell us the world’s bloody round!




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Fewer Follows, more writing?


To those bloggers I follow:

I’ve just tanked the lot of you – sorry……..

I have been struggling to find the time to do justice to the wonderful ideas and colour that flow through the blogs, but truly most times I just scan through and hit ‘like’.

This year I have decided to dedicate my time to find answers in my life and in terms of my writing, my voice.

So in the spirit of authenticity I have closed the door to the things in your minds so that I can hear better the things in mine.

So lets all continue to write our asses off and flood this planet with our authentic, fabulous selves!






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Who is Scott Lively?

Scott Lively - 'clutching 'the evidence'

Scott Lively – ‘ clutching ‘the evidence’

In Uganda, homosexuality, according to the ‘professionals,’ is nothing more than deviant behaviour that can, and now by law in fact, MUST, be un-learned.

Those of us (with brains), already living on the African continent, shake our heads and sigh, understanding that down South we are still overrun with small, frightened tribal beliefs that blow up every now and then into something truly nasty like ‘corrective rape’ – so nothing new.

But to find such beliefs emanating from a first world country, namely America, is quite another story.

Enter Scott Lively – American author, attorney, pastor, gay hater, perhaps soon to be ‘King of Genocide’. He is president of Abiding Truth Ministeries and former state director of the Californian branch of the American Family Association. Added to that he helped to found an organization which calls itself  Watchman on the Walls. It is officially listed as a hate group. They are known to take park in anti – gay rallies, where ‘deviants’ are pelted with excrement!

This delightful man is also responsible for bringing in the legislation that could result in the murder of countless gay Ugandans by encouraging, pushing for and helping to institute the laws that criminalise homosexuality in the country.

So Scott ‘cowboys in’, influences a few powerful, but small – minded people and leaves.

And what he leaves behind is a country at odds with itself, as if it didn’t have enough problems to start with.

A lawsuit has been filed against him by human rights group ‘Sexual Minorities Uganda’ but of course that hasn’t stopped him. More recently he took part in a St. Patricks day Parade in Boston which explicitly excluded gay and lesbian marchers.

So as he clutches his big old bible, doing ‘Gods work’ by preaching death and damnation for all ‘deviants’ one has to wonder what God and the Universe thinks of all this.

Be funny if God really is a Mrs God – wonder whether he’d be dumb enough to start a rally to protest – God I hope so……

She’d give him a new version of the burning bush!

Meanwhile in Uganda, people are dying…….

A life ‘well – lived’ asshole!




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I found myself on the pavement….

a small family

a small family

Yesterday was the Cape Town Carnival.

We are lucky in that we live on the main road and can simply pop downstairs and plonk ourselves on the grass to watch. After a hellish week of double shifts I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to climb into bed and zone out. Unfortunately my youngest was sparking with delight at the thought of the carnival so we decided to hit the local shop for snacks.

On the way there I noticed another mom, about my age, sitting alone on the side of the road with her young son. They had found themselves a quiet spot in the chaos and had taken a few bricks and made little seats to watch the show. In the middle of the laughter and partying here was a little family sitting all alone, content, but all alone.

As we walked towards them the mom looked at me and then at my daughter and smiled, and I smiled back. She looked as exhausted as I felt, and they looked as alone as we were. In a world of busy, I had stumbled across myself.

I had been recently told that my daughter and I spend all our time together and that it’s unhealthy. I was told to get a life, make new friends, get out more etc, etc. but looking at this mommy, I knew if we spoke, such things wouldn’t even come up.

In an ideal life, there’s a mom and a dad, siblings, pets and a house with a white picket fence. For single mothers, life is a bit different. We work till we drop, trying to keep our kids fed and cared for. We lose touch with friends because we have no particular time or energy or even interest in such pursuits. Everything we do, we do alone. It’s very seldom by choice, we simply do the best we can with what we have.

It is perhaps not the healthiest situation, but it’s certainly better than the adultery, abuse or neglect that forced us into these solitary lives in the first place.

Being a single parent is the hardest thing in the world.

For those of you that are tempted to criticize – DON’T!

Until you have walked in our shoes you have no idea of the sacrifice, the strength and the passion that it takes to ensure that your children are cared for.

If you feel overwhelmed by the need to express your views to a single mom, make sure you include an offer to babysit or an invitation to a nice barbecue. After all if you consider that you know better, you should also be prepared to do better.

And to all the single moms out there – keep doing the best you can for your babies. Don’t be bowed down by the cruelty of the ignorant. Continue being brave and true, your children will benefit in the end and that’s all that matters.

and to my own personal detractors……………..





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How Could We?

Kate Mantsho Zuma

Kate Mantsho Zuma

Before Jacob Zuma became president I remember a Swiss couple that came to the restaurant with a group of friends. At the time Zuma’s rape case was in the papers and was the main topic of conversation at the table. The question that was asked me that night was how could we elect a rapist to run the country?

That question has rattled around in my head every time he does someting new. How could we elect a fraudster, how could we elect a polygamist, how could we…

I was trying to found out what Zuma’s wives did to earn the millions it costs us to keep them. I couldn’t find any specific reference, except the one which said they are not public servants and therefore not required to do charitable work except by choice…

Sadly, the one wife that was in fact hugely involved in working for South Africa and the ANC and fully involved in charities for widows and orphans was the one that committed suicide.

Kate Mantsho Zuma, educated, passionate and capable – of everything but surviving Zuma.

Her suicide note barred him from her funeral and decribed her life with him as 24 years of hell. That speaks volumes to the kind of man we have running our country.

I can’t find anything to admire or respect, and judging from the Zuma art that exists, nobody else can either.

We can’t change what we have allowed before, but we can change what we choose for the future.

It is truly my solemn prayer that despite how desperate our people are,

they will NOT vote for this man again.

Find another candidate, there are many to choose from. They won’t be perfect and they won’t be able to miraculously change this country overnight, but if they are honourable, they will give South Africa a chance to continue healing.

They will allow us to step again on the path that Mandela began. A path of unity, love and light.

How can we not want that….

and in tribute to Kate – you are remembered and held in esteem, be at peace Mamma Africa.

no caption needed......

no caption required…


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