Skipping along…

The 'Air Rope'
The ‘Air Rope’

This is my latest discovery. It’s called an Air Rope. For those of you that go to gym, you’re probably familiar with it, but for the rest of us it’s an epic discovery.

The simplicity of this piece of equipment blows my mind.

I wanted to skip to punch up my fitness levels and dump a few chunks of lard, but living in an apartment made that impossible. The Air Rope works exactly the same as a conventional rope – without the rope. It has easy to grip handles with a short cord and a lightly weighted ball at the end.

It feels just like a normal rope, it certainly works the same, and best of all – it doesn’t hook itself on lights and furniture if used indoors.

I’ve had mine for just over a week and the jeans are already loose. I have tired legs and crappy circulation so I started off very easily. Not only have I already lost weight but it has improved my circulation drastically. When my legs are stiff and sore, all it takes is a quick ’20’ with the rope and they loosen up immediately – Bloody Brilliant!

It’s cheap – R130, it’s fun, and it works like a bomb. If you want to fast track your fitness and lose a good few kilos’s then seriously folks – get one!!!!

I should be getting commission for this……..






2 responses to “Skipping along…”

  1. I love it! I live in an apt too and need this! Wonder if it sells in Canada? I will google…..thanks for your blog on this….commission would be good!!


    • hehe agree with that – it works like a bomb and you should be able to get it anywhere around the globe – happy skipping – your butt will thank you and it’s an excellent cardio workout too!


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